Competitor Analysis

Understand how your competitors organise their workforce and talent

Competitor analysis for a multi-label music business

Our client is a multi-label music business which records and distributes the music of hundreds of well-known artists around the world.

Competitor analysis provides insight enabling you to compare the relative sizes of functions, departments or business units, enabling you to benchmark your team and appreciate what might deliver competitive advantage. 

Benchmarking against competitors can help your thinking in various ways, for example:

  • Comparing skillsets, and identifying skills gaps within your own organisation
  • Understanding how others structure and resource themselves, and identifying efficiencies from an organisational development or employee numbers perspective

Competitor analysis projects are tailored to your needs, but typically feature:

  • Up-to-date organisational charts
  • A structural overview, showing employees allocated to specific functions, departments, business units or countries
  • Profiles of individuals performing specific roles or within specific job functions
  • Analysis of competitor talent strengths or weaknesses, compared to your own