Remuneration intelligence

Improve recruitment and retention by accessing real-time global salary data

Remuneration services for a high-profile charity

The chair of a high-profile charity wanted to ensure that the CEO and CFO were remunerated competitively. She commissioned Research Europe to conduct remuneration research into the UK charity sector.

Understanding salary and benefit packages for specific roles, in your own sector as well as others, supports the recruitment and retention of great talent.  We provide you with remuneration research and benchmarking covering:

  • Base salary
  • Cash bonus
  • Long-term incentive plan (LTIP)
  • Share options or equity
  • Pension contributions
  • Other benefits, e.g. car allowance

This is a worldwide service, and we can cover specific sectors or functions internationally.  We offer two kinds of service:

Remuneration data & analytics

We can provide generic remuneration data for particular job types, companies, countries, regions, cities or even demographics. We access data platforms which aggregate tens or hundreds of thousands of data points. We can break down the data into particular age groups, genders or localities to allow comparison. This service is available for geographical markets where there are large quantities of candidate data available.

Bespoke remuneration research

If you require salary data on specific groups of people, we can conduct bespoke telephone-based research. This involves discreetly canvassing the target group and gaining real-time remuneration data. We also source information from former employees, industry peers and employers. This approach is labour-intensive, but allows us to report accurate, up-to-date, targeted and comprehensive remuneration data.

For executive remuneration within listed companies or charities, we can combine publicly available data with original research.