Talent mapping

Understand who and where the best talent is to inform more intelligent talent acquisition campaigns

Tube train

Talent mapping for one of the world’s most complex metropolitan transportation networks

Our client manages one of the world’s most complex metropolitan transportation networks. They commissioned Research Europe to carry out a global talent mapping project to identify and prequalify potential candidates.

There is no doubt that we live in a world where information is more freely available than ever before.  Rather than relying on commoditised data, we go further and deeper to find and deliver critical insight.  We use a comprehensive portfolio of data sources to build an in-depth picture of talent – and ultimately their suitability and fit for any role and organisation. 


A thorough and intelligent talent map is more than just a list of candidates.  It reveals the available talent in the marketplace, ahead of a decision to recruit.  It shows the potential external candidates, so that organisations can benchmark internal candidates – and vice versa.  And it is the bedrock of any headhunting or talent pipelining process, providing the organisation with the information to proceed with confidence, and where necessary, speed.


We believe that the way we compile a talent map makes us the best choice of partner for in-house talent acquisition teams.


  • Range – we search energetically for candidate data and insight using a comprehensive range of online and human sources
  • Analysis – we carefully analyse potential candidates’ careers and profiles, and include commentary on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Judgement – We grade candidates according to fit and calibre and advise our clients which ones to prioritise at the next stage


We do this across sectors and internationally, for organisations who want deep market and candidate insight they can trust.  So much depends on the way we research, such as using online data platforms, but also uncovering and verifying information through conversations with candidates and industry sources. 

Talent mapping for a successful online fashion retailer

Our client is an internationally successful online fashion retailer. Their resourcing team in London commissioned Research Europe to carry out a talent mapping exercise to identify and profile potential candidates for a general manager to be based in Shanghai.