Talent Referencing

Obtain added assurance on shortlisted or finalist candidates via formal or informal referencing.

Talent referencing for a global producer and distributer of television content

Our client is a global producer and distributer of television content. They carried out an external search for a new CEO, but the strongest candidate was on the existing leadership team, with a background in operations.

The cost of making the wrong hire can be significant: in time, money and opportunity. Formal and informal referencing is a defence against this.

Our formal referencing approach follows a structured process with named referees. We produce a clear and concise reference report which includes advice drawn upon our many years of experience. 

Like many other organisations, you may value informal referencing more highly than formal references. Here, we carry out discreet conversations with industry peers and stakeholders of the employer – none of whom will have been nominated by the candidate. This kind of informal referencing is particularly valuable when making senior or sensitive hires.

Because informal referencing is carried out in confidence, the referee is often more forthcoming than during a formal approach.