Diversity and inclusion

Delivering you the benchmarking data and action plan to demonstrate you’re leading on diversity and inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion for a global professional services firm

A global professional services firm asked us to support part of their drive to improve diversity throughout the business. We focussed on gender diversity at Partner and Director level within a specific UK practice.
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If you are not effectively implementing a diversity and inclusion programme, you are likely to be underperforming your competitors who are doing so.

It is not easy to do and requires buy-in from your C-suite downwards. Research Europe can carry out benchmarking to inform your decision making and help you implement an action plan to deliver tangible results.

We support programmes dealing with three categories of diversity:

  1. Gender
  2. Ethnicity
  3. Socio-economic background.

The difference that delivering on diversity and inclusion makes

Diversity pays. Research shows that ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their peers, and for gender-diverse companies it is 15%. But there is a way to go. While nearly nine out of every ten companies declaring diversity and inclusion a priority, four out of ten consider that diversity is still a barrier to employee progression.

As a custodian of your business, you’ll want to know that you personally, and your wider leadership team, are doing all that you can to optimise your diversity and inclusion strategy. Business performance and reputation are at stake.

Diversity and inclusion services from Research Europe

We’ll bring determination, fresh thinking and creativity to your diversity and inclusion strategy. We offer two services which can be delivered separately or together. They can be ringfenced as a diversity and inclusion project or feed into a wider talent mapping and intelligence service.

Diversity & inclusion benchmarking

Learn how you are performing on diversity and inclusion with a benchmarking and analysis report.

With so much attention focused on diversity and inclusion, it is important to understand how well you are performing. Knowing your numbers means that if you are doing well you can promote this in your marketing to customers, shareholders and during recruitment. And if there is a need for improvement, you identify where to target your efforts. There is a legal requirement to report on some diversity statistics, like the gender pay gap.

We can research, analyse and benchmark your organisation for gender, ethnicity and socio-economic background diversity, providing you with robust evidence of where you stand. We carry out research on competitors, other sectors and of individual functions or processes within your business.

What you can do with diversity and inclusion benchmarking and analysis data

Equipped with your diversity and inclusion benchmarking and analysis data, you can report on any figures required internally or by law. They will also help you to design or redesign processes to ensure that best practices are built into the way you work.

By identifying other companies which are leading on diversity and inclusion, you can see how they are achieving this with a view to emulating them. And you can make your organisaiton a more pleasant place to work for all, enhancing your recruitment and retention, and driving productivity.

Diversity & inclusion enhancement

There is pressure from all angles on organisations to operate a diverse and inclusive workplace. Aside from it being the right thing to do, research indicates that diversity and inclusion are hallmarks of many successful companies.

We can help you initiate change and enhance your diversity and inclusion. Our team have successfully carried out such projects for some of the most recognisable companies in the world.

Our diversity enhancement programmes

We will discuss what you are trying to achieve and tailor a programme to you. If you do not already have reliable benchmarking data, it is likely we will start here. Our research consultants will examine how rival businesses perform on diversity, and, if within our scope, how you compare to the wider market.

With this data established, we can design and implement a talent attraction and management plan. Typically, this involves identifying, engaging with, attracting and ultimately hring groups of talent in line with your diversity and inclusion objectives.

We have used Research Europe since 2011 to add weight and insight to our internal executive search function. They have completed around 25 projects for our team. All of them have been to a high standard and performed in a collaborative way.

UK Executive Talent Sourcing Leader