Succession planning

Securing the future of your firm with structured external succession planning programmes.

Succession planning for a multinational food ingredients business

Our client, a multinational food ingredients business, partnered with us to identify a pool of external potential successors to the global leader of one of their key divisions.
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Any kind of leadership vacuum is damaging. So it’s best to begin succession planning long before you need it.

A key component of sustained corporate success is continuity of leadership. And if you are to maintain the initiative in achieving this, you will need a succession planning strategy. Research Europe offers an established methodology and all the rigour and due diligence you would expect from an executive search to help you create a pool of external successor candidates which can complement your internal succession plan.

The benefits of working with us on succession planning

Despite the importance of succession planning, many firms do not identify or assess external candidates as part of the plan, often relying entirely on the availability of high-potential internal candidates to fill gaps as they arise.

We’ll work with you to identify the leadership and personality traits demonstrated by the high performers in your organisation which will help us identify and assess external talent. Our aim is to create an external succession pool in which the candidates are at least as good as your internal talent.

Succession planning with Research Europe

We will bring objectivity. Whether recognised or not, your organisation may harbour bias. This could be based upon corporate culture or favouritism. As independent consultants, we bring fresh perspective to your succession planning.

Our projects are delivered by consultants with many years’ experience of talent identification and selection internationally. We can apply a uniform assessment process to qualify external candidates alongside your existing staff in a consistent way.

Research Europe are fun to brief and fun to work with. They quickly came up to speed, correctly discerning which candidates looked close but did not fit the bill and identifying those we needed to interview in depth. On each occasion the search proceeded to completion with a satisfied client (and headhunter).

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