Competitor Analysis

Understand how your competition structure their talent.

Competitor analysis for a multi-label music business

Our client is a multi-label music business which records and distributes the music of hundreds of well-known artists around the world.
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Gaining insight into how your competitors organise their workforce will help you to achieve a competitive advantage. This could be in benchmarking your existing business, or if you are moving into a new market and need to ensure you allocate your resources appropriately.

Our team perform competitor analysis projects in a range of industries to provide our clients with the intelligence they require. We can provide up-to-date organisational charts along with observations informed by our many years of cross-sector research.

What prompts a competitor analysis project?

The most common reason for performing a competitor analysis study is when a firm is moving into a new market: either geographic or service related. However there are other reasons why you may wish to commission us to carry out a competitor analysis project. These include:

  • As part of a wider talent mapping project positioning you and your firm as a proactive in the field of talent management
  • To identify the next generation of talent in your industry
  • To understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitions’ workforces
  • As a benchmarking process to review where you currently stand in the market

Whatever your initial motivations, our competitor analysis will provide valuable information which you can work with to make tangible gains in your business.

We have used Research Europe for many different roles for our clients in the Family Office & Private Company arena. The clients are highly demanding, highly successful individuals from around the globe and candidates occupy key, visible roles in their organisations, and as such are under intense scrutiny. Research Europe has consistently excelled, generating highly credible shortlists.

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