Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric assessment delivered by certified professionals: enhancing your decision-making processes when hiring.

Psychometric assessment for a City investment firm

Research Europe supported a City investment firm who hire several analysts each year. We administered two psychometric assessments for each shortlisted candidate: the first measuring numerical reasoning, the second assessing critical thinking skills.
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We recommend psychometric assessment as part of a well-balanced appraisal of candidates. It complements other screening techniques, such as interviews and referencing, by measuring ability and personality traits.

Research Europe offers a bespoke psychometric assessment service, delivered by our in-house assessors certified to the British Psychological Society Level A and B standards.

Using psychometric assessment to measure ability

If you want to determine whether a candidate has the necessary skills to perform the tasks required of them, ability tests provide demonstrable evidence. They can be used to assess numerical reasoning, critical thinking and comprehension, as well as many role specific tasks.

The ability tests we offer are:

  1. Core Abilities (verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning)
  2. DAT Next Generation (cognitive ability)
  3. Differential Aptitude (general ability)
  4. Numerical Data Interpretation Test (numerical ability)
  5. RANRA (numerical reasoning)
  6. Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices (general ability/concepts)
  7. Watson Glaser (critical thinking)

Using psychometric assessment to measure personality

Understanding personality traits of candidates is helpful in evaluating whether they’ll be a good cultural fit and suited to their particular role. They predict how people will behave and perform at work, and interact with others.

Examples of attributes which can be measured by personality testing include motivation, emotional intelligence, communication style and conflict management.

We offer the following personality assessments:

  1. Genos EI (emotional intelligence)
  2. Giotto (integrity)
  3. Golden Personality Profiler (general occupational personality)
  4. Honey & Mumford (learning style)
  5. Insights Discovery (general occupational personality, culture & team fit)
  6. Orpheus (general occupational personality)
  7. Savile Wave (potential, culture fit)
  8. SHL OPQ (relationship building, thinking styles, emotional traits)
  9. Sosie 2nd Generation (culture fit)

Research Europe supported our first hires outside of the US. We wanted exceptional talent with marketing and partnerships experience from the European digital and e-commerce markets. We were impressed by their determination and ability to deliver candidates who were digitally savvy, were able to develop our brand in new markets and who could fit into our unique culture. I would be happy to recommend them to any online business seeking talent from around the world.

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