Remuneration research and benchmarking

Remuneration research and benchmarking from Research Europe: helping you establish competitive salaries and employee benefits

Remuneration services for a high-profile charity

The chair of a high-profile charity wanted to ensure that the CEO and CFO were remunerated competitively. She commissioned Research Europe to conduct remuneration research into the UK charity sector.
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Recruiting for new roles, new markets or hiring global talent comes with many challenges. Striking the right balance with remuneration packages is one such challenge. Research Europe can help you pitch your offering correctly to get your desired talent into your business and keep it.

Benefits of remuneration research and benchmarking

Conducting impartial remuneration research and benchmarking allows you to understand how salary and benefit packages for specific roles vary between sectors, as well as what the market rate is in your own sector. This helps you to make informed decisions concerning remuneration to help you achieve your recruitment and retention goals.

Working with Research Europe

Researching and benchmarking remuneration can be a complex process. Data must be analysed from numerous sources and it quickly goes out of date. While some aspects of remuneration are straight forward to report on, others, such as share options, can be more complicated to value.

With our international reach, our seasoned team can offer remuneration benchmarking as a worldwide service. We’ll tailor our approach to your requirements, always conducting fresh research and avoiding generic and archive data. Typically, we’ll combine publicly available information, interviews with industry employees and sourcing information from sector peers and employers to deliver a comprehensive report to you.

Research Europe supported our first hires outside of the US. We wanted exceptional talent with marketing and partnerships experience from the European digital and e-commerce markets. We were impressed by their determination and ability to deliver candidates who were digitally savvy, were able to develop our brand in new markets and who could fit into our unique culture.

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