Talent mapping for one of the world’s most complex metropolitan transportation networks

Our client manages one of the world’s most complex metropolitan transportation networks.

Ahead of the in-house search team’s campaign to hire a new Major Projects Director who will control a multi-billion pound budget, they commissioned Research Europe to carry out a global talent mapping project to identify and prequalify potential candidates.

We researched organisations across a number of categories, both client- and contractor- side: other urban transport network operators, global ‘megaprojects’, multinational construction firms and consulting engineering firms. Using publicly available data, information from sources and informal referencing, we were able to prequalify potential candidates against the client’s brief and grade potential candidates into tiers according to calibre. Based on an extensive research exercise, we were able to advise our client on the top 30 most suitable potential candidates internationally. The in-house search team subsequently carried out the headhunt stage of the recruitment.