Executive search

When hiring critical talent, proactively target the best candidates by rigorous research and intelligent sourcing of industry networks


Executive search for an European distributer of television content

Our client is a European producer and distributer of television content. With revenues of around €2bn, it makes and sells some of most familiar shows and formats to a global audience.

The secret to executive search lies in the fact that the very best people are rarely easy to find – or actively looking for new opportunities.

The best talent is generally passive in the market and in high demand. To hire good people, you have to find them, engage with them and be a strong advocate for your opportunity. To hire the best people, you must then ensure your qualification and selection processes are robust and designed to find candidates whose experience, track record and personality is the ideal fit for your business.

Research Europe has a rigorous research-driven methodology, practiced and refined over many years. It combines using a variety of research techniques and information sources to gather intelligence on talent, thorough industry networking, intelligent and professional engagement with candidates, careful qualification and referencing.

Working in partnership

As we all completing assignments for a variety of global firms, we frequently provide executive search services for in-demand search firms in need of outsourced support.

With genuine global knowledge and experience, and an extremely professional and discrete approach, we’re able to seamlessly partner with your firm – helping you to scale up your efforts without reducing the quality of your work.

Because of our experience, it’s an extremely efficient and simple way of meeting growing client demands, too. Our proven approach and methodology ensures we hit the ground running, and you avoid a lengthy and costly period of bringing a team up to speed.