Talent mapping and intelligence

Resourcing is increasingly strategic and intelligence-led. Before making decisions about headcount, planning recruitment activity or committing to a specific search, firms often gather intelligence on the availability and quality of talent.

Our clients ask us to identify, profile and pre-qualify individuals with specific job functions, experience or skills. For longer-term projects where large numbers of hires are anticipated, or an ongoing candidate pipeline is needed, firms seek information about pools of talent with appropriate capabilities, their calibre and their likelihood to consider new career opportunities.

Sometimes companies wish to gain insight into how competitor firms structure themselves and allocate headcount for benchmarking and planning purposes. Access to up-to-date salary data can be of great benefit when planning remuneration for individuals or groups.

Intelligence gained through discreet referencing on potential candidates is just as valuable in advance of recruitment activity as post-offer formal referencing. Profiling and discreet referencing of management teams provides valuable due diligence data for firms planning mergers or acquisitions.

Psychometric assessments are an objective and scientific way of gaining insights on candidates’ abilities and personality and can reveal important traits or attributes which are not uncovered through interviewing and referencing.

As diversity and inclusion issues are increasingly prioritized, firms also seek insight which supports diversity and inclusion programmes – not only data for benchmarking purposes, but also intelligence on accessible pools of talent which can help them improve employee diversity.