Talent pipelining

Access an ongoing supply of qualified and motivated candidates over the mid and long term.

Talent pipelining

Talent Pipelining for a Big 4 professional services firm

We worked with an EMEA systems integration practice within a Big 4 professional services firm. They were scaling up rapidly and planned to onboard an additional 1,000 hires over a 2 year period covering multiple roles from certified Solutions Architects to Sales Directors.

Talent pipelining is an important component of any talent acquisition plan and can have a transformative impact on the ability for an organisation to hire great talent over a longer term. 

The real skill in talent pipelining is developing an ongoing warm and honest relationship with potential candidates.  Our consultants do this on your behalf, investing time in getting to know them, keeping them updated on developments, understanding any barriers or decisions on the horizon, and growing their understanding of your brand.  All of which means that when the time comes to hire, you have a pool of engaged and qualified candidates to select from. 

One of the great advantages of talent pipelining is building an affinity with people who may filter themselves out of a more time-limited search – or not even appear on the radar. 

It also gives you time to address any issues – such as a poor employer brand or below-market salary levels.  Or to address more fundamental challenges, such as building a more diverse pool of talent.