Talent Pipelining

We’ll design, create and maintain a talent pipeline which successfully positions you to meet your future hiring objectives.

Talent Pipelining for a Big 4 professional services firm

We worked with an EMEA systems integration practice within a Big 4 professional services firm. They were scaling up rapidly and planned to onboard an additional 1,000 hires over a 2 year period covering multiple roles from certified Solutions Architects to Sales Directors.
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Research Europe can map and engage with external candidates to create strong pipelines of well-informed, motivated and qualified talent. So when you need to hire, you have already built relationships with the people you wish to attract.

Better candidates and a better hiring process

Talent pipelining can help you respond more nimbly to cyclical hires, or to meet specific expansions into new territories or sectors. And other scenarios like replacing the unforeseen loss of a critical staff member.

Above all, a well-executed talent pipeline will give you better candidates. You will have invested time identifying and pre-qualifying the type of people you wish to employ, so have given yourself a head start.

It de-risks your recruitment as you are relying far less on chance. Here, your long-term thinking pays off because you are extending the time window with which to find and engage with candidates. Talent pipelining allows you to foster excellent relationships with people who in a more time-limited search may not even appear on the radar.

If there is a specific obstacle to hiring, such as a poor employer brand image or undesirable location, using talent pipelining gives the opportunity to overcome this over time in a considered way. Talent pipelining is also an excellent tool for managing your diversity requirements, again by actively planning and nurturing over the long term.

Collaborating with you to help you hire the best talent

Research Europe offers experienced, collaborative consultants will will tailor an approach to your requirements. Once we understand your needs, we’ll develop a talent map to find pools of potential candidates of the right calibre and relevant skills and experience.

Then we will begin promoting your firm to them in line with your values and expectations. While creating the right impression for you, we will also be gaining an understanding of your potential candidates’ appetite to work for you and their cultural fit.

Working with us on talent pipelining will ensure you have an experienced team engaging with the right talent day-to-day on your behalf, which can take the pressure off busy internal resourcing or executive search teams.

We have used Research Europe for many different roles for our clients in the Family Office & Private Company arena. The clients are highly demanding, highly successful individuals from around the globe and candidates occupy key, visible roles in their organisations, and as such are under intense scrutiny. Research Europe has consistently excelled, generating highly credible shortlists.

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