Diversity and inclusion

Understand and improve how diverse your organisation is, and create a more inclusive culture


Diversity & Inclusion for a global professional services firm

A global professional services firm asked us to support part of their drive to improve diversity throughout the business. We focussed on gender diversity at Partner and Director level within a specific UK practice.

Diversity really does pay dividends. McKinsey research shows that ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their non-diverse peers, and for gender diverse companies, it is 15%. But there is a way to go and many companies still need to follow through on their commitment.

At the same time, the debate around diversity is becoming broader and more sophisticated. Forward-thinking companies recognise that creating diverse teams with a rich blend of experience and innovative approaches to problems means more than building workforces that look diverse.  Diversity categories which have always existed – such as socio-economic background, neuro-diversity, sexual orientation and age – are now part of the conversation for firms planning their approach to diversity.

And whilst hiring a diverse workforce is an important step, diversity must be sustained and nurtured by having inclusive workplaces and company cultures.

Our team has carried out D&I projects for some of the world’s most recognisable companies and organisations. We currently focus on: Gender, Ethnicity and Socio-Economic Background, providing services that have the capability to transform different aspects of your diversity and inclusion strategy. These can be delivered as discrete projects, or to complement wider talent mapping, intelligence and acquisition programmes.

Diversity benchmarking

Knowing how you are performing against your industry peers can either provide a positive showcase of what you are achieving or help you to understand what needs to change.   We can research and analyse competitors or whole sectors, and benchmark your organisation for gender, ethnic and socio-economic diversity.

Diversity recruitment

To help you grow diversity at senior levels in your organisation, we can identify, engage and hire groups of talent in line with your diversity strategy.  This may be focused on a specific position or a pipeline of candidates for future need.  We take a committed and energetic approach to diversity hiring, and never compromise on calibre. We know from years of experience that a dedicated pursuit of diverse candidate shortlists ultimately results in the best recruitment outcomes.

Inclusion strategies

Inclusion depends on much more than hiring diverse talent.  For example, if your business has inflexible working practices where all colleagues must be on site from 9 to 6, five days a week, it may preclude working mothers from joining the business.  Similarly, a significant gender pay gap could impede a firm’s ability to retain and promote women.  By gathering intelligence about how others have achieved success, we can help you design your own inclusion strategies.